Mahaveer college of commerce has finest and qualified faculty. Here they enhance the nature of the teacher-student relationship by actively involving in counseling , mentoring and self improvement initiatives. The faculty members are deeply committed to develop a quality environment to create a link between academia and the corporate by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Teaching Pedagogy

The ultimate of education is to prepare students to achieve professional excellence In business world. Keeping in view ,  the changing scenario, the faculty focuses on creativity, critical thinking and communication and facilities the students to unearth their latent talents by blending of various strategies which includes:

  • Lectures :- Writing assignment and projects
  • Seminars and workshops :- Project training
  • Personality and communication skills development :- Management games
  • Brain storming session :- industrial visits
  • Case method :- Event management

College clubs

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to  go  after   in with a club”.

Mahaveer college of commerce believes in the ideology of enhancing skills of its student by providing a progressive and conducive environment .

The college has incepted a set of six clubs with the objective of facilitating its students to develop and learn varied areas of their interest. The students through these clubs get an opportunity to demonstrate and accentuate their leadership and design-making skills. These clubs organizes a number of activities throughout the year which helps the students to enhance their personality and also to tap their latent talent in varied fields. Each clubs has special working zone which is   quintessential in creating a truly dynamic personality. These clubs are: Sports Clubs, Cultural Club, Literary Club, Techno Club, Creative Club and Corporate Resource Cell.


Logo’s Significance:-  Swastika in the logo represents universal welfare. Three stars below the swastika represent the three jewels of Jainism: Right Faith (Samyak Darshan), Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan), and Right Conduct (Samyak Charitra). The Lion is the symbol of Bhagwan Mahaveer. Ahimsa Parmo Dharma symbolises the universal need of non—violence and peace and draws our attention to the universal principle of ‘Live and Let Live’.
Genesis:-The followers of Jainism embrace the philosophy of love and compassion towards all living beings – men, birds, beasts and plants. Ahimsa or non-violence in thought, word and deed is the base of all interactions. Jainism places an unparalleled accent on renunciation and service to mankind. It is a rigorous, ethical and non -transcendental system, laying a special emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of life and thought. Known for their entrepreneurial acumen and spirit of service, the members of the Jain Community focused their attention on the sphere of education by establishing Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Shiksha Parishad in the year 1946. Since then the Parishad has been relentlessly contributing in the field of Education through its prestigious educational institutions like Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Sr. Sec. School established in the year I 946 and Mahaveer Public School established in the year I 996, which have become a benchmark for quality and value based education. In the year 20 I I Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Shiksha Parishad had taken a path breaking initiative by launching a class a part learning centre for higher education in the form of Mahaveer College of Commerce.


• To make Mahaveer College of Commerce a nurturing ground for the holistic development of the young minds.
• Providing high quality education in keeping with our cultural heritage and modern insight.
• To make it a centre of learning relevant to the contemporary world.

To empower our students to be compassionate, responsive to our culture and heritage and achieving academic excellence.
• To empower our students to develop critical and creative thinking that would help them to realize their potential.
• To encourage and foster the skill and professionalism in every student.


President :-  Shri Rajendra K. Godha
Vice-President :-  Shri Akhilesh Kumar Jain
Secretary :-  Shri Umrao Mal Sanghi
Joint-Secretary  :-  Shri Mahesh Kala
Treasurer :-  Shri Suml Bakshi
Member :-  Shri Mukul Kataria
Member :-  Shri Pramod Kumar Patni
Member :-  Shri Kamal Babu Jain
Member :-  Shri Ashok Jain
Member :-  Shri Gayan Chand Jhanjhari
Member :-  Shri Rakesh Kumar Jain
Adviser :-   Prof. M.L. Jain
Convener :-  Shri Ashok Ji Patni
University Representative :-  Prof. N.P Singh
Educationist :-  Prof. (Smt.) Amla Batra
Educationist :-  Prof. (Smt.) Anshu Dandia
Educationist :-  Dr. Sangeeta Gupta
Educationist :-  Prof. Kshama Agarwal
Sports Person :- Ms. Vanita Bhati
Principal :-  Dr. Ravi Sharma
Parents Representative :-  Mrs. Kavita Sharma
Faculty Representative :-  Dr. Neelima Pareek


Our aim is to make the aim of our students, our own.”president-sir

Mahaveer College of Commerce an English medium coeducational institution affiliated to the University of Rajasthan, aims at providing academic excellence along with new opportunities which are required for the overall growth of the students .The college is committed to inculcate ethical value amongst its student to become a better person in himself and a better citizen towards our country.








secertary-sir“Our motto is to create skilled youth for a society.”

Mahaveer College of Commerce is committed to provide quality education and to promote the skills of the students in various fields. It helps the student in exploring new avenues in life by motivating and enlightening the student heart, mind and soul. We always strive to bring the best out of our students to make them confident and fit for the competitive world.
I give my best wishes to the student for their future.





Shri Ashok Patni

convener-sirMahaveer College of Commerce is a place where you feel yourself most cared for your career. The concerned management and staff keep full attention on every student of the college.
Commerce background definitely aids in setting the stage. It familiarizes you with financial foundations of business,besides acquainting you with core financial underpinnings that result in smooth functioning of really successful person. Wish you best of luck.







principal-sir“No man can succeed in a line of endeavor which he does not like.”- Napoleon Hill

Welcome to the one of the best college of Jaipur city. Here we are team of fully dedicated and passionate professionals who are indulged in imparting their best skills and sharing the experience of commerce education. You are fortunate people who decided to make career in commerce and I would like to state what do steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal , Pepsico CEO Indra K Nooyi and Kinetioc Motors’s Joint MD Sullaja Firodia Motwani have in common? Besides being established names all of them are commerce graduates. Make your dreams true by choosing the college as your career shaper. Good Luck.