As per the directives of the Honourable Supreme Court, the UGC has issued strict guidelines to all the institutions of higher education to check and curb the menace of the ragging on campus.
Mahaveer College of Commerce has constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee for the cause. We have always been cautious towards maintaining a stress-free and healthy learning environment.
With the onset of new entrants in the college, the requirement of balancing the interactive activities between the seniors and the juniors arises. Ragging is what we believe to keep at bay. For this a vigilant squad of faculty members takes round in the campus throughout the day to check and control any such unhealthy act.
The college  premises, classrooms, corridors, laboratories, canteen are equipped with CCTV Cameras and facilitate video surveillance at all hours. Strict disciplinary action is taken against the students if found guilty of ragging. The Anti-Ragging Cell can be approached by the student in case of any misconduct by the seniors or juniors.

Dr Simmi Choyal

Before submission of admission form kindly enclose the duly filled Anti-Ragging Form.

Here is Anti-Ragging Form url: Anti Ragging Form

Here is online Anti-Ragging Form url

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 Dr. Simmi Choyal 
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